Sustainable Energy Plan Upgrades Program Sustainable Energy Plan Upgrades Program

Sustainable Energy Plan Upgrades Program

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Part of the Sustainable Energy Plan Upgrades Program, TIC was contracted to perform construction at three separate substations — Horizon, Briargate and Kelker.

At Horizon Substation, work included construction for a six-leg breaker-and-a-half configuration greenfield substation with one 230kV-to-distribution voltage transformer with corresponding switchgear and two 230kV transmission line taps in an in/out configuration.

At Briargate Substation, work included the construction of a 230kV transmission line and expansion of an existing substation. Additional scope included a switchyard, a 115kV transmission line, structural steel, concrete, demolition and clearing work.

The Kelker Substation project included construction of new 115kV and 230kV substations, as well as removal of an existing 115kV substation. In addition, the station will tie into existing 115kV and 230kV transmission infrastructure both above and below grade. TIC is diligently working with Colorado Springs Utilities to formulate a detailed phasing plan that will allow existing infrastructure to remain operational for Colorado Springs Utilities’ customers and accommodate the rapidly growing residential and commercial needs of the region.